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Ahh...those magic words..."Mum, can I have a drum kit for my birthday..."

Frequently asked questions include:

Is it going to be noisy?   Yep
Will the neighbours hear it?  Probably
Where's the best place for it?  In someone else's house!

At Harmony, you'll always get a straight answer.  There are LOADS of kits out there, but the key factors are parts availability and kit sizing.  If you buy one of our kits, we can get spares.  Let's face it, there aren't many things you buy brand new and then beat to within an inch of it's life straight away!  They need to be robust, reliable and they need to conform to standard sizing.  Many of the cheap and cheerful kits out there are neither of these things.

Our student kits are 419 and available in a range of colours (usually from supplier stock).  The best option is come along and chat to one of our team to discuss options including ear-plugs, sound deadening pads, and various other tips and tricks we can share with you to keep the noise down!

We don't pretend to be a specialist drum store, but we DO have access to a nice range of student kits, and a fairly comprehensive range of accessories.