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We have started selling a few good quality, used strung pianos.  They are favoured by some traditional teachers, and certainly suit the character of many older homes.  One of the biggest criticisms of modern pianos (acoustic and electric) is that they are not made with quite such precise attention to detail as older musical instruments, and are not really "pieces of furniture".  Give us a call before you make a special trip to see them, but we are gradually increasing our stock of these fine instruments in the hope of starting our own mini-revival! 


Digital pianos have rapidly become the widely accepted, more economical alternative to traditional strung pianos.  Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an experienced musician there is a digital piano to suit your needs.  Just drop into our showroom to discuss your requirements and try out the latest models.    NEW & USED MODELS NOW IN STOCK

We proudly stock the following ranges new, and have an ever-changing selection of second-hand pianos to choose from.  Each manufacturer's product has something different to offer, so pop in for a demonstration and our usual brand of friendly, reliable advice.  It is worth a call before making a special trip at the moment, as the recent troubles in the Far East have caused one or two "hesitations" in the supply chain.  We do our best to keep a representative cross-section of stock on hand, but there are times when we get caught out!


  Privia Compact Pianos from 499

  Clavinova Digital Pianos from 999

  Digital Pianos from 799